Winning Signal→

The Winning Signal provides DAILY entry point (BUY) and an exit point (SELL) for stocks and ETF’s. The Winning Signal results are based on a technical analysis black box algorithm, which processes and mines the fundamental, historical data, and applies advanced mathematical technology and machine learning to generate results with the highest percentage of return.

Conservative→Return goal of 25%
Moderate→Return goal of 25-45%
Aggressive→Return goal 45% or more

Winning Portolios→

Each portfolio invests in a variety of stocks and ETF’s based on proprietary fundamental and technical analysis algorithms to provide its target return on a risk/reward principle. Each portfolio has its own set of opportunities to avoid overlap to provide for diversity and overall market participation.

Bronze→Return goal of 20%
Silver→Return goal of 30%
Gold→Return goal of 40%
Diamond→Return goal of 50%

Example Signal→

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