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Mark From Jamacia( Investor)

Michael From Jamacia

Scott a Wall Street Winner

Scott a Wall Street Winnier

Jack From Detroit (retried autoworker and winning investor)


Hello my name is Jack, I am retired from the US navy and I worked in the auto Industry for 27 years. I started saving and building my portfolio in the late 80’s. I invested in several mutual funds a 401k from work and a was building a decent portfolio through local broker or so I thought. During the last recession my portfolio was crushed by almost 50%. I was devastated and didn’t know how I would pay my bills. I was worried I’d have to sell what was left of my diminished portfolio, just to survive. I didn’t know what to do. My grandson recommended I look online. Since I’m retired I had some time and researched all I could. I knew I could do better than my broker who lost half of my savings but still somehow managed to get himself paid. What I found was much better returns out here with out all the fees my broker and mutual fund manger were taking. I decided it was time to find something to help me and step away from the so called experts and advisers who were merely there to earn fees and could care less about me. After researching and countless hours of online research online I found a tool called ‘Winning Signal” by Wall Street Winning .com and I thought I’d give it a try. In the matter of a few days I was making returns double or triple anything I had gotten from my brokers in the 20 years I invested with them. My portfolio was actually making me money again like clockwork. I knew exactly how much I would be earning that month by simply busying and selling stocks. I had found a source of monthly income from my portfolio that was just sitting there losing me money before. Its still making me money now and I guarantee if you try this product you will love it. The name is Winning Signal by Wall Street Winning Get it today and take back control of your financial security and discover what financial freedom truly feels like. The best thing was it was effortless, I had no investment experience and even an old guy like me could figure it out. They do all the work. All you have to do is follow the rules and buy when they suggest buy and sell when they suggest sell. Its really is that easy.

Michelle-Nurse and Investor –Cleveland Ohio

HI my name is Michelle and I am a Nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. During the last recession I nearly lost it all. My home was under water and my retirement accounts lost about 45% virtually over night. My life was spiraling out of control. It was my dream to retire early as I have worked at the clinic since I was 18, but with my retirement account taking a hit that seemed impossible. I nearly lost my home and to save it I had to tap into my retirement savings. My life had turned upside down and I feared I would never be able to retire..

That was until a young Doctor I work with at the hospital recommended I read the book “Wall Street Winning” by Ron Groenke (pronounced GRINKE). He told me he had read the books, applied the principles, and used Ron’s software on a daily basis and he was able to pay off all his student loans and build a hefty retirement portfolio. He took frequent vacations and seemed to not have a care in the world.

The best part he said was he was in control of his investments and retirement accounts and was not dependant on the fee monger local broker. He said he actually made money during the recession. I nearly lost it all. How could that be? What ever he was doing I had to try it.

So I bought the book and locked my self in my room until I read it cover to cover. The next day I immediately bought the software and made my first trade. On my very first day and my very first trade I made a return of 30% in less than a week. The computer emailed me what trade to make and I did it, I simply followed the rules and saw an extraordinary return. I was hooked and have used Wall Street Winning it ever since. Today my life has changed and I am debt free, my portfolio is in the positive again, and actually much larger than pre-recession. I took a three week cruise this year, all thanks to Wall Street Winning.

I was skeptical at first but I tried it and it works. I‘m really happy that it works, so now I can retire early and know that I will not out live my retirement savings. It’s a dream come true. I can rest assured I will not have to have my kids or the government take care of me because I truly am A Wall Street Winning. I became a Winning Signal Investor !You should Try it- it will work for you!

lIvanNicholo C. Meneses ( gen X investor)

La Habra orange county California

I am very happy with the software and the book. I’ve been using the software for some time now with a high win ratio. These tools are a must have for any investor with little time and a conservative attitude. I AM WALL STREET WINNING – You should too!

Peter Jensen London United Kingdom (wise Investor)

Since I discovered Ron Groenke’s books, Show Me the Money: Covered Calls & Naked Puts for a Monthly Cash Income, his new book Wall Street Winning along with the accompanying software, I have increased my investment income almost three-fold and virtually without risk. The investment marketplace is littered with thousands of books, newsletters, and software systems and I have bought and tried many of them. What Wall Street Winning has done is cut through the clutter with a common sense approach to maximizing income through investment. I highly recommend Wall Street Winning. –

Frank (former financial planner and Wall Street Winner!)

Delray Beach,FL

My experience with WallStreetWInning.com has been nothing but positive. I picked up the Wall Street Winning: Retire Rich book on Amazon a few months ago. It was well written and easy to read. Even though I consider myself an experienced investor as I was in the financial planning business for over 10 years, this was the first time I had heard of Ron’s concepts. His concepts immediately made sense to me and I have implemented them with a good deal of success. His Wall Street Winning software is a great compliment to the strategy and a must have. It does all the work! Their super computer” Willem” deserves a nobel prize! Not only has Wall Street Winning come up with a great investment strategy, that returns over 25% annually, this is a great team than obviously passionate about his system. I highly recommend Wall Street Winning-

Yuki From Japan (former student now full time trader)


From Japan. I know I look young but I took an investment class at school and I used Wall Street Winning’s software to out perform all my class mates. My portfolio gained 29% more than all my class mates. Now, I trade for real full time. Right out of college I didn’t need to get a job, as I was making more than enough money off my trading. I am set for life thanks to WallStreetWinning.com

Harold form MIAMI (very excited about wall streetwinning)

In these times of increased uncertainty and greater volatility it is reassuring to know that, thanks to Wall Street Winning, we have the ability to make money regardless of what the stock market is doing.. I use the software and plan to RETIRE RICH! Thanks to Wall Street Winning!

Tim -Columbus Ohio (experienced investor)

I have used another company’s investing software, and took their classes. However, I felt lost in how to really invest until I read Ron Groenke’s book Wall Street Winning: Retire Rich!, It was like a light went on. I actually now have the software to use and concepts I can understand. I took action and received massive results! The seminars were great in it helped keep me focused on my goal of retiring rich!. I wouldn’t use any other software! –

Robert and Monica from Philadelphia PA (lost it all in housing bubble -wall street winning saved their marriage)

As a Realtors for 20 years, We’ve invested in every conceivable investment vehicle over the years. After nearly loosing all our retirement in the housing bubble, during the last recession, we were under huge financial stress and having martial issues. Like in most marriages of course money was to blame. The solution we found was “Wall Street Winning”’s Winning Signal product and its the only product that shows you how to get paid if the market goes up or down. Every two years our portfolio more than doubles. We would have to thank Wall Street Winning for saving not only our retirement but our marriage too. We love it! –

Video Testimonials: DISCLAIMER

All video testimonials on Wall Street Winning are professional actors and the names have been changed to protect our valued member’s privacy. We have chosen to change the names and have professional actors do the testimonials, as we know high net worth individuals that use our products and have become successful investors could become targets of home invasions, extortion, kidnappings, and other monetary crimes which we do not want. While we value investor contributions and appreciate the videos that members have sent in, it is simply a safety concern and we do not wish to have this liability. So therefore we do not and will not post your user testimonials so please do not send them to us as we will not feature them on our website.

10.7 Please understand that the testimonials contained on this site are a culmination of feedback from our members and are to be used for entertainment purposes only. Since the FTC closely regulates testimonials and in order to stay in compliance we must notify you that these testimonials are not a true factual representation. It is because we take great care and concern for the safety of our members we do not and will not post members photos or videos. We hope that you clearly understand why we do not have investor subscribers on video in order to protect their privacy. Once you are a successful winning investor, we feel you would want the same treatment and privacy protection yourself.

18.8 If you need further confirmation that our products work we recommend you see our written testimonials with first names only as well as try the FREE 14day trial for yourself. You can even paper trade if you like.



My experience with Ron Groenke has been very positive. I picked up Ron’s book at Barnes & Noble a few months ago. It was well written and easy to read. Even though I consider myself an experienced investor as I was in the financial planning business for over 10 years, this was the first time I had heard of Ron’s concept of using covered calls and naked puts. The concept immediately made sense to me and I have implemented it with a good deal of success. His Visions software is a great compliment to the strategy. Not only has Ron come up with a great investment strategy, he is a very nice, honest man who is obviously passionate about his system.

-Mike Conlon
Cary, NC 27511


Ron’s book is an excellent tool for any one with an interest in finance and individual money management. I recommend the book to many of my friends who ask me for advice on investing. It is an easy read and lays the foundation for a safe and wise approach to a piece of any investment strategy. I encourage students in the introductory investments class to read the book as it can be read in just a few days. The software is user friendly and has provided a consistent return for me in each of the years I have used it and followed the conservative investing strategies outlined in the book.

Dr. Richard Rawlins PhD
Professor Finance & Economics
Missouri Southern State University
Joplin, MO 64801


No hard sell or bluster, just honest results. I have studied Ron’s books and have attended his latest seminar. Employing Ron Groenke’s system of option strategies has increased my return significantly without increasing my risk. Ron makes sense and is for real.

John Scott
Marco Island, FL


As a Realtor for 40 years, (since retired) I’ve invested in every conceivable investment vehicle over the years. Ron’s Show Me the Money is the only book that shows you how to get paid up front, rather than having to wait for the market to go up or down. Ron’s formulas are straight forward, and the software does all the work. I love it!

Gordon Bolton
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


I have bought 3 of Ron’s books including SHOW ME THE MONEY: COVERED CALLS & NAKED PUTS FOR A MONTHLY CASH INCOME. I find them very informative and explain very easily how to trade covered calls for a very nice monthly income. I have attended several seminars, which provides me with additional insight to trading Ron’s methods. The software has been very helpful in finding potential trades. Since I have been using Ron’s methods I have put cash into my accounts each and every month, which I am compounding the income to do more trades. I am really glad I ran across Ron’s trading methods. Ron, keep the good work up!

Richard Power
New Port Richey, FL


In the past two years since I discovered Ron Groenke’s book, SHOW ME THE MONEY: COVERED CALLS & NAKED PUTS FOR A MONTHLY CASH INCOME and his accompanying software [VISIONS], I have increased my investment income almost three-fold and virtually without risk. The investment marketplace is littered with thousands of books, newsletters, and software systems and I have bought and tried many of them. What Ron has done is cut through the clutter with a common sense approach to maximizing income through investment. I highly recommend this book.

Bruce Davis
Addison, TX 75001


As a Finance Professor, I wish that I had written this book. 

The beauty of Ron’s work is its straightforwardness and ease of replication. Ron presents a methodology of capital market trading in a readable, understandable, and achievable manner. I have both presented his technique in the classroom and have adopted it personally. Simply stated, Ron’s methods really work.

Harry F. Griffin PhD
Troy University Montgomery
Montgomery, AL 36103.


Don’t buy Show Me the Money UNLESS you want to make money trading stocks and options! Groenke’s basic philosophy of making small gains consistently is the name of the game. Slow and steady wins the race! And VISIONS software makes it easy to find the right stocks and options. Do yourself a favor: Buy Show Me the Money, follow its principles, watch your account balance grow dramatically in only a few months. I use the book as the primary text in a Financial Freedom class I teach; it’s terrific and my students love it!

Richard Gooudeau
Macon, GA


Ron’s insights and thorough process of evaluating investments for income through options has been refreshing and profitable for me. I’ve employed his method for over a year and am happily supplementing my investment income through covered calls. For experienced investors, Ron’s method is a terrific addition to anyone’s wealth creation toolkit. I recommend Ron and his program wholeheartedly to investors looking for successful and wise investment strategies.”

– Nalini C. Indorf Kaplan
Boulder, CO


I think Ron’s book, Show Me the Money, is the best covered calls book I have read. I have read many investment related books and I have attended several stock and options trading workshops and when I read Ron’s book, a light bulb really went off as far as writing options vs. buying options as a speculator. I also like his software [VISIONS] for its simplicity and ease of use. I hope to attend your workshop later this year when time permits. I have recommended Ron’s book to many friends too. 

David B. Lunn
Westlake Village, CA


I am extremely new to the world of options trading and your book and the seminar opened my eyes to a rather straightforward conservative approach to options trading, how to do it and what my expectations might be for the future (although there are no guarantees). I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I have never witnessed such an involved or attentive group of people eager to absorb the information you presented. I think that there is a lot more that I will learn because I intend to repeat the class exercise in detail. I am looking forward to seminars that you might present in the future, but next time I’ll be bringing some of my relatives in tow so that they can learn the value of trading covered calls and naked puts.

Richard Short
Dunedin, FL


My Name is Jackie Miller and I’m 79 years of age. I live in San Antonio, TX 78260. My A G Edwards stockbroker gave me Ron’s first book to read. I have been in the market off and on for 45 years. I just have done fair, but I never found a method I really liked till I got Ron’s Book Show Me the Money. It changed my way of investing.

Jackie Miller
San Antonio, TX


I bought one of Ron’s books [The Money Tree: Risk Free Options Trading] about 5-6 years ago. I found the strategies compelling.

I then bought Ron’s Cash for Life when I took over management of managing my wife’s IRA in August 2007. A very volatile time, late 2007, I researched from a cash position, where to invest and apply the strategies.

I made a 7 percent return in 3 months with a six figure position doing covered calls in March 2008.


Patrick J Swint, MS, PA-C
Major, US Air Force, retired
Austin, Texas


I used another company’s investing software, and took their classes. However, I felt lost in how to really invest. I read Ron Groenke’s Show Me the Money book, and it was like a light went on. I actually had formulas to use and concepts I could understand. The seminar was great in it helped explain all of the software’s functionality. I wouldn’t use any other software.

Denise Stein
Smyrna, GA 30082


After reading Ron Groenke’s book SHOW ME THE MONEY: COVERED CALLS & NAKED PUTS FOR A MONTHLY CASH INCOME, I started looking at investments in an entirely different light. I like the way Ron’s approach is very systematic and process-oriented. I also purchased his software and using it alongside the principles I learned in the book, I no longer second-guessed any of my investment decisions. I knew that the process would determine the proper investment and covered call at the given time.

Bert Maqueda
Waco, TX 76712


In these times of increased uncertainty and greater volatility it is reassuring to know that, thanks to Ron through his books, seminars and software, we have the ability to make money regardless of what the stock market is doing. In his latest book SHOW ME THE MONEY: COVERED CALLS & NAKED PUTS FOR A MONTHLY CASH INCOME he has distilled a complex subject into easy to understand tools and methodology for generating a regular income from stocks whether you own them or not.”

Roger Hay
Morgan Hill, CA 95037


I read Cash for Life a year ago and it really opened my eyes to a sector of the market that seemed obtuse and dangerous. Ron’s explanations and the Visions software have provided me a lot of help in managing a rather complex set of investments. Even though I am working with a full service broker, this book has furthered my ability to communicate effectively with the broker. Thanks very much.

Pope Lawrence
Merced, CA


Ron Groenke’s book and software take what is often considered a complicated and risky investment strategy and provides a framework to learn and implement a proven methodology. Using a simple storyline, he takes a difficult subject and makes it accessible. As long as you do your due diligence, these tools make the process of finding good opportunities for covered call writing and cash secured puts relatively easy, and will result in a monthly cash flow, depending on your personal risk tolerance and resources.

Ontario, Canada


In April, 2006 I attended Ron’s seminar. That experience along with his book, Show Me the Money: Covered Calls & Naked Puts for a Monthly Cash Income has increased my portfolio 54%. The software is user friendly and regularly updated. Ron responds by email to my questions within a day.

Richard Hamad
Sagamore Hills, OH


I am very happy with the software and the book. I’ve been using the software for some time now with a high win ratio. These tools are a MUST have for any investor with little time and a conservative attitude.

Blake Hansen, CEO,
DBN Securities P/L, Australia


I have been trading stocks, options and futures for a number of years. One problem I have had is finding something safe for my retirement funds yet make those funds grow. Covered call writing is one of the safest ways there is but finding the right combination of stocks and options is time consuming and difficult. When I read Ron’s book Cash for Life I thought his approach with its precise rules was just what I was looking for. I purchased Ron’s Vision software which applies the Cash for Life rules. The results were amazing. If you are looking for a systematic approach to investing that is predictable and safe, this is the program.

Geof Kressin
Knoxville, TN 37902


Show Me the Money is a very readable introduction to these low-risk strategies for producing an income stream from one’s portfolio. The methodology is sound, well explained in the book and well implemented in the software. The book, the software, and Ron’s seminar are great values.

Chris Walker
Clearwater, FL


I have been so impressed with the VISIONS software and with Ronald Groenke’s trading knowledge that I attended one of his seminar’s in November 2007. Since that time, I have utilized his system for all of my trading decisions. I have been actively trading for the last 12 years and have read innumerable books regarding the market. Of the dozens of books I have studied, I personally feel that Ronald Groenke’s system and VISIONS software are the most effective method of trading to be able to maximize profits and limit any losses. I would like to thank you for all of the help your book has given me in continuing my development as a successful trader!

Bob Anderson
Murray, Utah


I have been with Ron for about three years now, so I know that using the system detailed in SHOW ME THE MONEY gives me the house odds in the mad casino we call the stock market. Best of all though is Ron’s unstinting personal support for his customers.

Tim Paskvan
Stillwater, MN 55082


I read both of Ron Groenke’s earlier books, Cash for Life and Covered Calls and Naked Puts, enjoyed them thoroughly, and learned a great deal about covered calls and naked puts. I purchased Ron’s VISIONS software and proceeded to utilize the software with moderate success, profiting on seventy percent of my trades. The real success came when I attended Ron’s seminar in Naples FL last year and learned the true power of the VISIONS software. I sincerely urge anybody that wants to utilize the full power of the VISIONS software to attend Ron’s class. Its money well spent.

Skip Toombs
Canandaigua, NY


I’ve been trading covered calls for over two decades. Since reading Ron’s book and using his system, I’ve been placing more trades and getting a better return. As an engineer, I always search for the easiest, most effective method in whatever I undertake and Ron’s system is elegant in its simplicity. I highly recommend Show Me the Money and VISIONS software.

Robert Bickford
Dallas, TX


I just wanted to get my feet wet doing covered calls. I bought Cash for Life along with Visions Software. Visions Walk was very helpful in showing how to use the software. I’m well on my way to 15% a MONTH return on my initial investments.

Jim Robertello
Forest Hill, MD 21050

Seminar Comments

Ron’s seminar provided me with a “hands-on” approach to options, without all the complexity one normally is exposed to when dealing with this subject. More so it revealed how to use options in a conservative way, the opposite of what I had always associated with options.

Hans Grether
Sao Paulo, Brazil


It is rare to have the knowledge AND the ability to pass it on to others who don’t have the background and experience in such a way that they can comprehend and use the information. Ron has got it!

L J Strope
Wheaton, IL


Before coming to the seminar I did not know the power of VISIONS. It is a very powerful tool. I enjoyed the class. I learned about the recovery process that was really helpful.

Jackie Mason
Duluth, GA


This is the second seminar that I have attended and I can’t begin to tell you how much I refined my knowledge of trading and working with the software. This is a wonderful, conservative approach to the wide world of investments.

David Lambson
Cherry Hill, NJ


Wonderful seminar, good materials and great presentation. Lots of actual trades by Ron are easy to follow and form a good path to learning. I really enjoyed the actual placing of real orders in real time. Actually did the UNG Naked Put right along with Ron for 10 contracts. Will pay for seminar I hope. The trade planner is extremely versatile and has numerous whistles and bells, almost too many to learn at one time. I will need more time and hands on practice to really get all of its power.

Walter Toombs
Canandaigua, NY


Ron has turned his passion for investing with Covered Calls into a book and seminar that he is willing to share with others to help them enhance their financial well-being.

Louis Ciullo
Brielle, NJ


As with most experts in any field, Ron’s book and seminar represent many years of experience in Covered Calls and Naked Puts. What is unique and refreshing is that Ron not only thoroughly knows his subject, he is completely candid and honest. You can rely on and believe in what he says.

John Scott
Marco Island, FL


Each time I am with Ron, it is a new learning experience and he makes a complex subject extremely simple.

Arnold L. Weiner
Lincolnwood, IL


The seminar was a fast-paced, very thorough walk through of VISIONS software, a series of search engines to help investors to better understand Ron Groenke’s concepts about selling options.

David Dolgin
Tampa, FL


Ron is a man of patience, persistence and principle which comes through to readers and students in his books and seminars. His program is amazingly effective! Many thanks to Ron for making his knowledge available to new investors. I used Ron’s Visions software for a year before I attended his seminar. I had amazing results by following Ron’s careful and thoughtful plan. The Visions software is an invaluable tool that helps me define, analyze, and select the right stocks for my portfolio.

Marie Kennedy
Phoenix, AZ


Thank you Ron for leading the seminar. The VISIONS software is very impressive and powerful. You made options (covered Calls and Naked Puts) easy to understand. It’s obvious that you really want to help your students understand your principles. You & Jean are terrific.

John George
Hudson, WI


Great seminar. It really helped me get more familiar with the VISIONS tools. VISIONS has been a great benefit to me to learn how to trade Covered Calls. Great information and a good price. Thanks Ron.

Bob Morley
Moroni, UT


I found your books on Amazon, read them and used the trial period on VISIONS and knew immediately this was a common sense way to evaluate covered call opportunities and stocks as well. The seminar was all I had hoped for. Thank you for a very well organized instruction without any “sales Hype” or “showmanship”.

PS: You passed the acid test. I have made enough money using your program to pay for the seminar, books and software subscription before coming to the seminar. Thanks!!

L J Strope
Wheaton, IL


I enjoyed the seminar. It was nice to get an in-depth overview of the VISIONS software. I had used parts of VISIONS but wasn’t familiar with all the features. I also liked the actual trading done in the class. It was good to go from the beginning of looking for stocks through the analysis of the data, and actually making decisions. It was nice that you share everything you do like the spreadsheets and recording of transactions. I can’t think of anything that I would have liked to see done differently. I think everything was covered.

Denise Stein
Smyrna, GA


Ron’s genius ability with stocks, computers and covered calls was very evident. He shared his knowledge. I like his plan of picking fruit ($$) from different money trees.

Phillip Bressinck
Southlake, TX


Ron is great at answering individual questions. He is very patient (at least externally) in dealing with the students. By far the most valuable part of the seminar was when Ron took the class through an actual search, evaluation and trade. Getting inside a trader’s head is the greatest learning tool and following his thinking through a trade really helped with the “art” aspect of selling covered calls. His after hours accessibility is also a unique and valuable feature. Thank you for another great learning experience.

red Schadler Ph.D.
Greenville, NC


One reason I attended this seminar was because I thought I was not aware of the power of some of the analytical software of VISIONS. I’m glad I attended the seminar because I learned a great deal about investing philosophy and ways to use Ron’s search engines and “what if” planners.

W.A. Burns
Canfield, OH


The seminar was very informative and presented calls and puts in a simple and easy to follow format. Show Me The Money is an essential book for any investor. Ron seems to plan for and share improvements as they evolve. Y’all were great hosts!

Wil Wilhite


A lot of meat. “The beef was here.” The entire seminar deals with specific info rather than generalities. This provides far a very good learning experience. This is my third Ron Groenke seminar and they just keep getting better. I will look forward to the next one.

Dale Anderson
Muncy, PA


Seminar very well organized! Materials very consistent with sessions. Easy to follow and questions were answered well. The best part for me was that I did not feel intimidated and I expected to be. The attitude and atmosphere was one of facilitating the learner. Ron…great guy. Ego very under control. So much accomplished, yet humble and helpful. Very comfortable with the material because it is yours. Not teaching a theory – very practical and hands on. Thanks so much. I would definitely attend again.

Carol Koogler
Gainesville, FL


I appreciate the time, energy and knowledge that went into developing this program. It made analysis much easier. The best part is that Ron is unassuming and it is comforting to know that he shares real data and experiences from his trading. A great workshop!

Nello Vignocchi
Flossmoor, IL


Great presentation. Lots of material. It will take several days to digest what I’ve learned and review VISIONS many features.

Paul Messerschmidt
Tampa, FL


After reading the book and attending the seminar I feel enabled to begin trading Covered Calls and Naked Puts. I now have a plan and method to begin.

Doug Errington
Naples, FL


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