Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown


Tommy Brown, Founder of Money Tree VISIONS, LLC

The son of an engineer, Tommy Brown learned early in life to analyze situations and consider both sides of an issue. While still in college, he worked with his father to teach engineering graphics and with other professors as a teacher’s aide. He initially followed his father’s footsteps by entering the Army following graduation from college.

After military service, Tommy took up a career as a consulting engineer. He ultimately became licensed in Virginia, California, Georgia and Florida. Soon after marrying Suzie, her father (Jesse) started teaching him about buying and selling stocks. After several years of minor trading, Jesse started showing Tommy how to do covered call writing. Jesse seemed to intuitively know which calls to sell. Tommy was searching for the logic behind his decisions.

During a 2002 conference in Marco Island, Tommy discovered Ron Groenke’s first book, “The Money Tree”. The book used a ‘Magic Chart’ to help determine the optimum combination of strike price, calendar date, and percent increase if the option expired or was exercised. It was precisely the ‘logic’ that Tommy had been searching to find.

In late 2011, Tommy began contemplating retirement. He knew that generating cash on a monthly basis would be critical to success. He bought Ron’s latest book, “Show Me The Trade”, and began a serious pursuit to follow Ron’s concepts. In 2012, Tommy acquired and began using Ron’s VISIONS software. Since then, he has been able to consistently generate 2 to 3 percent cash return each month. Seeing the techniques work, he retired in August 2012 and became fully focused on generating cash by selling covered calls and naked puts.

Recognizing there was a need for training and wanting to share his enthusiasm, Tommy formed Money Tree VISIONS, LLC to help others use the VISIONS software. Ron has granted Money Tree VISIONS, LLC an exclusive license to provide seminars and other training products. Our current focus is holding regularly scheduled seminars, supporting a user group via Yahoo Groups, and publishing a weekly Trade Alert.

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