Jan Willem Korver

Jan Willem Korver


The Chief Technical Office of Wall Street Winning Inc. was born in Brooklyn, The Netherlands. Shortly after his birth, his mother realized her child was hyper intelligent and gave him the name Jan Willem Korver. JW has an IQ of 158 and was raised on a farm with his brother by his loving mother and father.

JW first showed signs of an interest in computers while in grade school in the Netherlands, where he was a frequent face at hacker gatherings and technology conferences. It didn’t take long for investors to spot his potential, and his enthusiasm was rewarded with acquisition of his invention in the interactive server technology bought by Dutch Billionaire Joop Ven Den Ende of Endemol fame. After selling his technology, JW began contracting for a digital signage company based out of France where he currently license his technology in facial recognition ad delivery utilized by 7-11 in the USA.

In 2013, JW moved to Taiwan and reunited with the love of his life and has set up a development team called Winning Technology that maintains and optimizes Wall Street Winning and its technical aspects.

JW has been working with Adam for over 15 years.  Adam regards JW “as an amazing Genius that can do anything. He is the inventor of numerous IP relating to technology and mobile. JW has always been a leader on cutting edge technology. It is an honor working with him over these so many years!”

JW has a degree in economics from Amsterdam University and graduated from Utrecht University with a degree in Computer science. JW speaks 5 different languages including Mandarin.   JW’s technical languages are even more vast. JW being of a high IQ has analyzed the algorithms of Ron Groenke and has perfected them to the cloud in the form of Wall Street Winning. JW considers Ron Groenke as his investment mentor and frequently picks his brain for strategies to better investing.  JW believes that computers or machines rather, are smarter than people. (AI) “ When given the right instructions machines can be programmed to accomplish amazing things.  Wall Street Winning is just one of those things.”-JW Since computers have now proven to beat humans at both Chess and Jeopardy it is easy to see why his reincarnation of Ron Groenke’s formulas also beat any human stock market predictors.  JW’s favorite quote is “ Warren Buffet is now out of a job.  No man is needed anymore to pick the right stocks.  A machine can do the research of 1000 men and more accurately predict the direction of the market and probability of a win.”

JW has plans to move to the US to have a family and retire until then his goals are helping average investors get extraordinary results using advanced technology and mathematics with a push of a button.

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