Like many other protocol providers, the first limit is around regulation. There are certain fund laws that are not fit for modern technology. Some of the current laws were simply created in a different time, without consideration of all available technology available. As an example, most funds today must have a custodian and fund administrator by law.

A custodian typically acts as safe-keeper of the fund’s assets and the fund administrator typically takes care of accounting, auditing, risk management, compliance (KYC/AML), investments/redemptions and regulatory reporting.

On top of that, it is pretty standard practice that for every investment professional in a medium-sized investment fund, there will be four non-investment professionals (ie. legal, support, operational, fund-administrator focused, trade reconciliation, custody, risk management, auditing… and the list goes on).

We will automate the fund administration and support function entirely by smart-contract code and allow investors to own verify custody of their assets at all times.

There is no reason why regulation shouldn’t catch up to technology.

Another limitation is that today, the range of traditional investment fund assets, like fiat currencies and equities, aren’t available on a blockchain. A fund that operates in a technology regulated environment will have to use modern digital assets like tokens and can’t deal with paper-based certificates.

However, traditional assets are fast becoming tokenized and we’re just getting started.

It’s just a matter of time before every asset class we know will be digital simply because it is more efficient, transparent and secure. In which case, it’s not too long until we can imagine a fund management world which is entirely run by digital rule-sets and transparent processes.

Crypto funds today are emerging left, right and center in an attempt to gain investment exposure to this new class of blockchain innovators.
The irony is, that despite all the new technology surfacing, crypto funds can be even more expensive to set up and run than traditional funds. This can be seen in some of the fees they are charging. It is typical to see higher fee structures for crypto funds than traditional asset funds. You will not see that here.
A large part of these high costs are related to the fact that investment fund laws have been created for the “old world” and simply don’t account for or understand technology like blockchain. This means that new crypto fund launches are having to squeeze into existing rules and regulations designed for a different system.
The hybrid investment funds like ours are likely to be the first to shift, but there’s no doubt that when traditional funds see evidence of how much they can trim their everyday cost basis and pain-points by, they’ll be quick to follow.

Wall Street Winning tokens are the token received from the issuer Wall Street Winning Financial. Holders of Wall Street Winning tokens will be able to view their tokens in there GlousSmartBank  (GSB wallet) and receive annual income based on subscription agreement and call lock up period of 10%, 12% or 15% annual return on the value of Wall Street Winning Tokens purchased. Also, members will be issued annual smart contracts for their income and they can either “ROLL” the contracts and reinvest or “CALL” the contracts for cash.

Wall Street Winning Token holders registered in the “Smart Bank” will receive annual income based on the funds that Tokens are Valued 1Token =$1. The sources of the proceeds are mining done by the goals ecosystem algorithms. New income created in the ecosystem, will be managed by Winning Technology International

The Wall Street Winning Smart Bank is the visualization of the blockchain where you will see you current token balance, income balance, NAV and CNAV. You can choose to “Call” for cash” or “Roll and reinvest” Smart Options. Income Contacts.  You can also request redemptions, purchase additional tokens.

You will also be able to see all traded completed and exactly where the income returns originated for full transparency. You tokens will be visually stored in the Wall Street Winning Smart Bank and all tokens will be kept securely in cold storage and require multi-factor authentication before, redemption or exchange.

To register for a Wall Street Winning Smart Bank Account you must be the holder of Wall Street Winning tokens we will deposit Wall Street Winning Tokens to this depository wallet. The registration will be available on the website before the first fund is started.

100,000,000 Wall Street Winning Tokens. The Wall Street Winning token is not mineable.

To start we will only exchange using our own internal protocols.  Accredited investors must exchange with other accredited investors.

We are be doing our best to increase our market presence, including exchanges.

Yes, we publish updates monthly here: (link to results)

Based on legal advice and opinions we gathered during the preparation process, Wall Street Winning tokens may be deemed as securities by SEC based on the famous Howey test. We pay a lot of attention to that matter and are in continuous communications with US attorneys while formalizing our position. The Fund is going to be securities. And we are going to comply with all necessary regulation regarding that fact.

During 2018, on the platform we should be able to distribute tokens to US citizens via to accredited investors we will take only 100 investors maximum from the US and a minimum of $500,000. We intend to apply for our own banking license eventually and to receive it in 2019-20.

To leverage the existing expertise of Wall Street Winning Financial  International, the first fund will be a high-yield fixed income fund in alternative investments primarily options. We are going to launch it not later than in the second quarter of 2018.

Taking into account current level of interest from investors, we probably will have more Wall Street Winning Tokens issued on the platform sooner than we forecasted in the White Paper.

Tokenization of interests in funds (share in profits, assets or other entities specified in the fund’s memorandum) provides audit-ability and transparency to the investment process as well as to the results. Tokenized funds are more cost-efficient thanks to lower infrastructure and setup costs and this economy is transmitted to investors in the form of higher net return. On top of that, fund tokens give access to a worldwide liquidity and are immediately tradable.

Yes, Wall Street Winning Financial welcomes external investment from funds or money managers. Wall Street Winning will offer compensation directly to investment advisors and asset managers who’s clients purchase Wall Street Winning Tokens or if they purchase on their behalf.


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